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Set up in March 2012 with the commitment to enhance quality, techniques and service related to deep-hole machining that calls for precision manufacturing process, Ascender Machinery Inc. boasts a management team with ample experience and expertise in machine tool assembly, design, and deep-hole machining applications.

We supply primarily gun drilling and trepan drilling machines; the former is available in GC series, including single spindle central hole machining, multi-spindles and customized models, as well as TG series with options of three-axes displacement non-central machining units, while the latter is available in BTA and AMB series including models for large-bore, 1m~3m length machining. 

Highly regarded in the local market, our products are also exported to Singapore, Thailand, China, and Canada. The recent success in being licensed by a European partner to make BTA machines also opens for us the door to the European market. Contact us for more information.